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Man of Sorrows

Image of Man of Sorrows


Household paint, vinyl and gold leaf on board.

(h) 902mm x (w) 595mm x (d) 50mm

Shipping to UK & Ireland only.

"This piece was made when I had a studio in a very run-down part of London. I'd been looking at some work in the National Gallery, and came across a work titled "Man of Sorrows" by an unknown Umbrian master.

I began to think about my surroundings more and more, and the ideas of where true meaning and value lay. As I reflected on my own poverty and the poverty around me, I began playing with the image of a guy wearing a hooded sweater, and how it looked a bit like a monk.

As the piece came together I was able to see beyond my circumstances, to things as they actually are. My painting began to speak back about the nature of spirituality and where we may find it." - MLR

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